Posted by: krusty027 | July 19, 2007


To my wonderful wife. Though she’s not the specific source of inspiration for much of my artwork, especially my OFFSIDE Sports cartoons, she certainly is an integral part of their execution. Most assuredly she inspires me daily in other ways be it through her wonderful patience with our beautiful young daughter, her drop-of-the-hat power drink procurement, her amazing ability to manage three wildly different kids with humor, inventiveness and joy, her indispensable feedback with my work in progress, her ability to take an idea and create an invaluable resource overnight and last but not least, her ability to put up with my lazy ass.

My muse, my a-muse-d, my often be-muse-d… she’s all of it and a bag of (baked, not fried) chips!

Love yah goof… Happy Birthday!


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