Posted by: krusty027 | August 30, 2007

The Georgia Straight to publish “STRAIGHT JAB”

Hey guys…

I’m excited to announce that starting NEXT WEEK you’ll be able to see my cartoons weekly in “The Georgia Straight” under the name “StraightJAB“. Same format but I’ll focus primarily on local Vancouver area teams with an eye on all sports, not just hockey. I’m sure I’ll touch on larger issues in all of the major sports as well… we’ll just see how it plays out. You’ll be able to find “StraightJAB” in print and on “”The Georgia Straight“” website ( Straight JAB ). You’ll also be able to see the cartoons HERE a week after they’ve been published.

I will still try and do a weekly OFFSIDE SPORTS cartoon as well as there are so many things going on, but may not be able to find the time each week.

I’m also working on and will keep you posted on that as well. It will include my “StraightJAB” work as well as all past and future OFFSIDE SPORTS work.

I have to thank you all for your great feedback, ideas and support these past few months. I’m sure I wouldn’t have reached this goal without it.

Thanks again everyone!



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