Posted by: krusty027 | March 13, 2008

StraightJAB cartoon #27 UP!

Check out my new “CANUCK FAN-DUMB” cartoon in the StraightJAB section.

Look for my next “StraightJAB” (#28) sports cartoon in the Georgia Straight this week.

Also… a word about OFFSIDE SPORTS. Once again I have had an incredibly busy few weeks and just haven’t been able to get a cartoon out. I am working very hard to find a specific time in my schedule that will allow me to consistently deliver a cartoon a week. Obviously, when I’m this busy, that’s difficult… but I am pushing hard. I apologize to all of you who have been disappointed not to see a cartoon last week, and most likely, this week.

The GOOD news is that my OFFSIDE SPORTS – YEAR 1 anthology should be ready at by next week with my StraightJAB – YEAR 1 to follow shortly after that. So look for them both soon!

Thanks again for your patience and support!



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