Posted by: krusty027 | September 19, 2008

StraightJAB(s) #51, 52, 53, 54 UP!

Guys… finally I can breath and POST! I’ve been swamped…

There are a number of new “StraightJAB’s” up, here’s hoping you like them. Also, I’d like to throw out a bit of a note regarding my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY ( a few weeks back) of “StraightJAB“. Thanks to everyone who has visited, read and or commented on the cartoons. I’ve had a blast doing these and am looking to many more years to come

Check out my new “THE SUNDIN DANCE”, “PASS THE TORCH”, “HOLMGREN KICKS OFF FINAL SEASON”, “BRADY BUSTED” cartoons – about a number of topics in the NHL, Olympics and NFL – in the StraightJAB section.

Look for my next “StraightJAB” (#55) sports cartoon – about some new equipment that the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks are using at their 2008 training camp – in the Georgia Straight this week.


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