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I grew up playing in the coal hills of Union Bay dreaming of designing future worlds and creatures for George Lucas. Decades later, after working for numerous companies, including LucasFilm, I find myself back at home being amazed at the beauty of the island I left. I’m thrilled to say that technology has enabled me to bring my wonderful young family back to Courtenay where I continue to pursue my craft.

I was trained in Canada, graduating in 1990 with a first class honors Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing from the University of Victoria and received an Alias animation program Honours certificate from the Vancouver Film School in 1995.

I worked as a professional commercial artist for more than a decade, and bring a substantial range of experience to my work. As a young freelancer, I contributed to the 1993-94 Eisner award-winning Dark Horse comic series ‘Grendel, War Child’ by Matt Wagner, and launched my animation career in Victoria, B.C., working for Bowes Productions clay animation studio, Harley Street Software, Apple Computers and Tower Records. Mainframe Entertainment brought me in as an animator in 1996, where I ascended to the Art Director / Production Designer roles of the Fox Kids series Beast Machines, and was named Art Department Head in 1999. Jumping genres in 2001 I joined start-up Seattle game developer Escape Factory as Art Director, creating conceptual art while managing the art team.

LucasArts Entertainment pulled me in as the Special FX Supervisor in June 2003 which expanded into the Pre / Post Production Art Manager overseeing the Special FX, Interface Design and Technical Art teams. From there I moved onto the Star Trek Online MMO that Perpetual Entertainment is creating as Art Director. After a year on the project my family and I decided we needed a change and we packed up the Xterra and moved back to the island.

Back where I started I find myself drawing every day, much like I did when I was a kid… only now its my job as well as my passion.

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  1. Great website Ken.

  2. Ken, great pieces! I love this site!

  3. Ken,Your art work is astounding! I never took fine art but after seeing your work it makes me want to go back to school. BTW,I loved the whimsical white bear/monster looking character with fairy wings on your child’s wall…he was adorable!!It’s obvious you have a fantastic future ahead of you. Nevertheless…

    Best wishes!!

  4. Your drawings are absolutely jaw-dropping! They’re gorgeous, and I love your Canucks art – hope to see a lot more in the future.

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