I’ve been doing portrait work for years including Sports figures (see the Sports link), Legendary musicians, politicians, family members and children. The two pieces shown were gifts I created and depict Elvis Presley (B&W pencil) and Miles Davis (Acrylic, coloured pencil).

If you’re looking for a portrait of a relative, child or other person feel free to contact me and we can discuss rates / schedules.

Here’s a base price list if you’re curious:

B&W Pencil portraits:

a) 8.5 x 11 – $200.00
b) 11 x 14 – $300.00
c) 17 x 22 – $450.00
d) Larger (call for pricing)

Colour portraits (Acrylic, coloured pencil):

a) 8.5 x 11 – $350.00
b) 11 x 14 – $450.00
c) 17 x 22 – $600.00
d) Larger (call for pricing)

IF you want digital copies (.jpg’s) of your images, so that you can use them for desktops, Ecards etc., that can be arranged for another $50.00

IF you want ONLY a digital portrait call for pricing but the $50.00 fee would be waived.

Here are the samples:

Elvis Presely


Miles Davis


ALL imagery posted is the intellectual property of, and is owned and copywrited by Ken Henderson. IF you would like to purchase, distribute or publish any of the imagery from the site please contact me before doing so.

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