I’ve always been a huge sports fan and have, over the years, done numerous illustrations / murals depicting sports and sports figures. If you’re interested in getting a one of a kind image of your favorite sports figure, yourself or your child email me and we can discuss the details.

Here are the samples:

Pavel Bure – Vancouver Canucks


Michael Jordan – Chicago Bulls


Roberto Alomar – Toronto Blue Jays


Emmit Smith – Dallas Cowboys


Emmit Smith ver2 – Dallas Cowboys


Ed Belfour – Chicago Blackhawks


Doug Gilmour – Toronto Maple Leafs


ALL imagery posted is the intellectual property of, and is owned and copywrited by Ken Henderson. IF you would like to purchase, distribute or publish any of the imagery from the site please contact me before doing so.


  1. Just came across your IP page. I’ve posted 2 blogs linking to your work I hope its ok. I’ve posted pics and linked back to your main page. If its not ok I will pull them down, let me know. Love your work and would love to post similar blogs if its ok.


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